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Mask Event - Path Six Page 3 by OrionStorm
Mask Event - Path Six Page 3
I'd put a link to the previous page here but DA's HTML sucks incredibly, so I'm afraid you'll have to find it manually, I'm very sorry.

The end! Good job kicking butt, Elias. And your Patron will always have your back!

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Elias and art © OrionStorm
Mask Event - Path Six Page 2 by OrionStorm
Mask Event - Path Six Page 2
I'd put a link to the next page here but DA's HTML sucks incredibly, so I'm afraid you'll have to find it manually, I'm very sorry.

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Elias and art © OrionStorm
Mask Event - Path Six Page1 by OrionStorm
Mask Event - Path Six Page1
Path Six: Watching the trees, you catch sight of a masked creature. Though you know you were told not to go near them, you follow it. You run after it, only to see it vanish away...but the horrible monster waiting for you doesn't seem eager to run just yet. A toad of abnormal size, it spits out acidic black ooze that eats at the rock around you, but if that wasn't the worst's eggs around it are hatching more miniature versions of it. Be careful!
I'd put a link to the next page here but DA's HTML sucks incredibly, so I'm afraid you'll have to find it manually, I'm very sorry.

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Elias and art © OrionStorm

Vivian took a measured sip of her steaming cup of tea, making sure she didn’t burn her lips as she drank. It was a beautiful day out, so she had the lounge area all to herself, along with the most comfortable couch. Most wizards and guardians were out training or doing some chores around the house. She was glad to find the room abandoned, since she didn’t fancy staying in her bedroom all day just to get some time to herself. She decided she’d stay indoors while most inhabitants were outside. She’d chosen an interesting book from the library, just a bit of light reading, enough to distract herself. Armed with this and her chamomile tea, she hoped it was enough to feel less edgy. So far it was working, she felt very relaxed. She’d even taken the liberty to kick off her boots and stretch leisurely on the sofa. Yes, she could tell this was going to be a good day.

Vivian knew she was wrong as soon as someone crossed the threshold and stepped into the lounge. She grunted, annoyed, and purposely leaned away from the door and the towering guardian that’d just entered it, thinking what a shame it was he hadn’t hit his head on the way in. Elias spotted her quite quickly, her audible grunt assisting him conveniently. He didn’t move right away, instead furrowed his eyebrows and squeezed his lips into a thin line.

Then, he cleared his throat and made his way over to the couch Viv was lying on. She made a point of it to ignore him and appear immersed in her book. She could hear his boots thudding heavily on the floor and when they stopped she could see him standing next to her from the corner of her eye. She guessed he was waiting for her to acknowledge his presence. She stubbornly refused to and pointedly turned a page in her book though she hadn’t finished the previous one. A moment’s silence, then she heard him grunt, move around, and from the noises he made Vivian figured he’d taken a seat in the armchair opposite the couch.

Another silence.

“Listen, I believe ... we got off on the wrong foot.”

He sounded begrudging, but it still piqued Vivian’s interest a little. Elias usually didn’t display this kind of behaviour, admitting he made a fault of some kind. Finally, she tore her eyes away from the book and turned her head in his direction, sporting a frown similar to his. His eyebrows were still knitted together and he seemed expectant of her, waiting for her to talk. Vivian simply raised her eyebrows a single time, clearly not planning to and nowhere near satisfied with what he was saying.

Elias huffed, cast a brief glare at the curtains, then went on. “Alright, so… I have observed you didn’t take too keenly to the entire… family tradition circumstance.”

Viv snorted and rolled her eyes. “Understatement of the year,” she growled, looking back at her book.

“Alright,” Elias countered, struggling to keep the impatience out of his voice, “Fine, I realize I might have come off a bit strongly. It’s merely… I… I hope you can gather how important this is to me and my family. And your family.”

The wizard turned her head again and saw he was looking at her, his face alive and intense like it usually was when he talked about something he was passionate about, or was sitting in front of a pot roast. Her anger diminished a little and got replaced with interest. She lifted her eyebrows. He must have taken it as a sign to continue.

“Look, this is not some kind of a whim,” he told, his voice calm this time, “It involves a sacred pact that intertwines our families. They did not establish this as a kind of fluke. It represents and honours the strong bond and friendship that existed between our ancestors.” Elias paused here for a minute, his lips a thin line, contemplating the incredible irony of what he just said because this didn’t apply in the least bit to the bond (or lack thereof) that existed between him and the person on the couch. Vivian shared in his sentiments and made a committal noise.

“Anyhow,” he went on, “It was both of our ancestors’ wish this bond they shared is to be protected, and for their descendants to look after one another. They cared so much for each other, it was their wish for their families to do the same and be close to one another for the ages to come.” The guardian stopped again for a second, regarding the wizard on the couch, “Come on, aren’t you at least a little bit curious about all this?”

Vivian didn’t respond right away, biting her lip instead. She silently cursed the man sitting in the armchair, who somehow seemed to have guessed she was indeed a little curious. Not that she was going to give him the satisfaction of finding out.

“That doesn’t matter,” she said cleverly, closing her book and sitting up, swinging her legs of the couch. “I just don’t want you to follow me around everywhere twenty-four seven!” Grumbling, she added, “I already see enough of you more than I care for.”

Elias was offended, but he decided to bite his tongue and chose to ignore it. “That is not the idea,” he explained, unable to keep a small edge out of his voice, “I have no intention to follow you around everywhere you go, I avoid it if I can,” he added, not wanting to be the only one insulted here. He continued before she had a chance to retort, “It just applies to potentially dangerous situations. I know you are safe inside the house, so I’m not going to follow you around—and it’s not following around!” he corrected heatedly, “It’s looking out for one another. If it puts your mind at ease, we will only see the normal amount of each other inside this house. Though I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to check out your living quarters, just to make sure I know where they are should something arise,” Elias added as an afterthought, holding his chin between his thumb and index finger, casting his eyes at the floor momentarily in consideration.

Vivian groaned and was about to argue, but he was faster and his grey eyes flew back towards her face, “Look, I didn’t ask for this to happen!” he told her, holding out his hands to the side, “But circumstances are what they are, it just happens to be this way.”

“But why?” the red-head argued, also spreading her arms to the side. “Why is it that way? No one’s making you! Why are you doing this?” She didn’t even sound cross, just baffled.

Elias regarded her as though she’d was asking him why one plus one equals two.

“… Because it’s important to me,” he said simply, as though this was obvious. “It’s part of who I am, where I come from and how my mother raised me to be. It’s important to my family and my family is important to me. So in a way, inadvertently,” he made sure to stress the word, “you are important to me.”

It looked as if he was about to say something else, but apparently he caught on the connotation of what he just said and flushed a little, embarrassed. “Well you know what I mean,” he muttered, waving a dismissive hand. He was not the only one flustered as Vivian sported faint red cheeks, looking slightly mortified.

“But what if I don’t want to?” she said, deciding to pretend he’d never said that, “What if I don’t want to be protected or whatever?”

Elias raised an eyebrow, “You know what guardians do, right? They’re supposed to-”

Vivian scoffed. “Of course I do! That’s not what I meant! I mean what if I don’t want anything to do with this whole family tradition business? It’s not like you can make me!”

The person opposite the wizard observed her for a moment, looking thoughtful. “I don’t intend to,” he said, “In spite of what you might believe, I have no desire to make you feel uncomfortable.” He shrugged a little, “It just seems unusual to me you bear the crest, but you have no idea what it means. Especially since it’s a symbol of what I described earlier and at the same time a manifestation of agreeing to the traditional pact. Agreeing to look after the Blackwoods. Like mine does the Reids.”

Viv looked away and stared down at her necklace, the gold glinting pleasantly in the morning sun. She noticed she’d subconsciously started to fiddle with its chain. Thoughts were going through her mind and she wasn’t sure what to say to him.

“Contemplate this,” the guardian said, causing her to look up. “Is it really that horrible to have someone looking out for you? In the end, it’s what all of us do for one another. It’s only an extra dimension that’s added, because it has historic significance. It’s not supposed to be a hassle, it’s supposed to an asset.” He rose his eyebrows after this, as if he waited for her to deny his logical reasoning. Vivian was a little frustrated that she couldn’t.

Another silence.

“Okay fine,” she said begrudgingly, “I suppose that makes sense.” She looked down at her necklace again, observing the golden crest. “And I can appreciate the historical background about my famil-”

“Excellent!” Elias responded with his usual fervour, flying from the armchair in one swift movement and clenching his fists ardently. “So that is settled! I shall inform mother immediately of this incredible discovery, she will be most enthused. Certainly she will be able to offer some insightful advice to boot. I shall find pen and paper instantaneously and write to her!” It looked like he was talking to himself more than he was to Vivian. He was already making way for the door.

“Hey wait a second, Snowflake!”  Viv retaliated, also jumping off the couch and grabbing her boots off the floor. “You can’t just--!”

“No, no exactly, you are right,” Elias said, turning around so quickly Viv almost ran into him. “It would be more important to get a good estimate of each other’s living quarters first. You never know what might happen and I can always write to mother later. Right!” He slapped Vivian amiably on the back, knocking the breath out of her lungs. “I suggest we find yours first. Lead the way!” In spite of what he’d just suggested, he was already off, taking long strides pacing out of the room, with a fuming wizard in his wake.

Crest Transp by OrionStorm

Let's try this again...

What is Elias on about? Go here
I'm so lost... Go back to either beginning 

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Note: This takes place right after the Mosquito Nest Event.

Vivian © Paulagirl93
Elias © OrionStorm 


"Not crazy. I have been careless,” Elias chastised. Not Vivian, but himself it seemed, as he clenched an angry fist out in front of him and turned his body a quarter turn away from her. The whole gesture looked unnecessarily dramatic. And it didn’t help Vivian the least bit in understanding anything.

“What are you talking about?” she demanded feistily, the odd behaviour of the guardian unnerving her. Never mind that he somehow wore embroidery on his vest similar to the image on her necklace, something she’d owned for ages.

“I should have asked Master Johan or Master Aristar or any of the Water Masters if there happened to be a Reid on the premises.” Elias went on, apparently unaware of Vivian’s intervention. “I was careless. I cannot believe I made such a thoughtless error. How long have we even been in the same house together?” This time, he turned to Vivian. “We even completed a mission together.” He uttered a laugh, which sounded baffled rather than cheerful, “Not once did I learn what your surname is. Mother would surely laugh if she knew.” He snorted, “It seems like fate favours sharp irony.”

The fire wizard had just about enough. She was done being ignored and his enigmatic monologue was getting on her nerves (even more than he usually did). “Will you stop your dreaded tirade?!” she cried, throwing a hand in the air as to toss all of his words behind her. “I know you’re talking about me –for some reason- so stop acting like a diva and tell me what the hell is going on!”

She’d caught his attention this time. Vivian expected he was going to lash out at her in turn, but of all things, she didn’t expect he’d look surprised. “… You honestly don’t know?” he asked, his dark eyebrows rising so high they almost disappeared beneath his curly fringe. “… Not anything? Even a little?”

This irritated her even more. Did he get a little kick out of knowing things she didn’t? So he could go all clever on her? Of course he would, that seemed just like his thing. A part of her wanted to demand he told her everything, but the bigger part of her, the one fuelled by pride, told her differently. “Forget it!” she barked. “I’ve had enough of you! I’m out of here!” She promptly turned on her heel, ready to storm out of the Water Wing.

“No, wait! Stop!”

Nostrils flaring, she’d have been much more satisfied to disregard him completely and leave him standing there. Perhaps her curiosity had been bigger than she’d imagined, because it was something that make her stop in her tracks, her boots firmly on the grated floors. Though her frustration hadn’t waned in the least bit, she managed to turn around. Elias was standing there in a kind of position that suggested he wanted to run after her; one foot forward and an arm held out towards her. Once he’d observed how she’d turned around, he straightened up again, standing perfectly upright as always. His hovering hand moved to his chest and he rested it on there.

“I am a Blackwood,” he stated simply, like this explained everything. Vivian waited for him to elaborate. He didn’t, and for some reason he seemed as expectant of her as she was of him.

“Yeah, so?” she said, shaking her head in such a manner like that detail was unimportant. What the hell was he getting at?

Elias’ eyebrows rose again and he looked as perplexed as before. “You truly haven’t got a clue…” he said quietly, like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Vivian’s annoyance flared up again, instantly. “If you get some kind of sadistic satisfaction out of people not knowing things you do then you’re--!”

“No, no!” Elias intervened, the hand on his chest fluttering away as to wave off her affrontedness. He approached her and Vivian stood her ground. Elias’ brows had furrowed together –a look she was used to, at least- but he looked confused rather than cross. Guarded, she narrowed her eyes as he came over. He halted at a rather diplomatic distance. He opened his mouth to say something, but then it seemed he didn’t know what to say. So Elias closed his mouth again and his eyebrows furrowed even more, considering the person opposite him. If at all possible, it exasperated Vivian even more.

“I’m not sure where to begin,” the guardian admitted, scratching the side of his face. It made rasping noises as his fingers ran across his stubble. His other hand was still holding the spear.

“How about the part where it involves me?” Vivian suggested heatedly, feeling this wasn’t going at a fast enough pace. Why was everything this guy was on about so dramatic and took eons? “I’m not an idiot, you said this means something.” She pointed at her necklace.

Elias observed what she was indicating, though his eyes flew away instantaneously should she get the wrong idea a second time. His cheek still throbbed unpleasantly. “Well yes,” he countered, his eyes on one of Teddy’s tentacles that was diligently folding a towel that had fallen on the floor. “But to get to that part… I might as well start from the beginning.” The grey irises fell on her face this time, lifting one eyebrow as he collected his thoughts. Vivian simply stood there, silently stewing as she waited for him to elaborate.

“Have you ever heard of Cordelia Carmen Blackwood and Victoria Reid?” the guardian inquired, swinging his spear around in a surprisingly elegant motion so the bud came to rest on the ground. His other hand conducted him as he talked.

A short pause. “I’ve heard about Victoria Reid,” Vivian answered simply. She felt a little wary about the fact he knew that name. She wished he’d just get on with it instead of asking her questions she didn’t have half the answers to so she could stop feeling like a impertinent child. She was ready to tell him all these things, but she opted to bite her tongue, just this once, on accounts of getting this over with quicker. She couldn’t deny the mention of Victoria had ignited a tiny spark of interest.

“They are respectively your and my ancestors,” Elias explained. His voice acquired a somewhat solemn timbre and he spoke even more articulate than usual, like he was about to recite Shakespeare. Along with that, his eyes glistened with a lively gleam that reflected his excitement. He saw Viv’s eyebrows rise in confusion and possibly even mild shock. He figured why that was.

“Not communal ancestors,” he clarified. “Each our individual ancestor. We are not related.” He paused there a second, thanking the spirits for this. Vivian seemed to have a similar reaction. “Thank God,” she scoffed, “I have just about enough unnerving family members.”

The guardian didn’t press on that and simply went on. “Well see, back in 1709, our ancestors, Carmen Blackwood and Victoria Reid, had formed a pact. Victoria Reid, your ancestor, was, evidently, a wizard. My ancestor, Cordelia Carmen Blackwood was her guardian. The two of them shared such a strong bond, they wished to preserve and honour it. As such, they agreed on teaching their children and descendants about their heritage and asked of them to establish an unofficial pact with the other respective family.”

Elias paused second to see if the wizard was still following. Her eyebrows had knitted together, but she didn’t say anything, so he took it as a sign to continue. “Which comes down to this: both families agreed to look after each other. The Reids, naturally, spawn wizards mostly. The Blackwoods reproduce regular mortals for the most part, unless one of them marries a wizard. I don’t know much about other family branches but my own, which is guardians. Hence, the Blackwoods took up a tradition to raise their children to become guardians. They teach their children the ways of magic and the stories behind wizards, guardians, spirits, patrons and all the elements. All knowledge they can pass on. This is why I came to Dulcedomum relatively prepared. My mother is a Oreithyia Blackwood and she’s a guardian as well. She’s pacted to a wizard, so she’s a little under two-hundred years old.”

Another pause in order to not drown Vivian with information. The latter was watching him with apprehension, like she didn’t like where this was going. “Not that I don’t appreciate your life story,” she remarked, not sounding convincing, “But when does it start involving me?”

“I’m getting to that,” Elias replied, somewhat irked. He was affronted she showed so little interest in this tale, something that was near sacred to him. “So our ancestors instated the tradition of the Blackwoods look after the Reids and vice versa. They made a sort of agreement that when their descendants meet or happen upon each other, they will look after each other. They’ll watch each other’s backs and keep each other safe, just like their ancestors did before them. Up until one forms a pact of their own and they don’t need the traditional protection anymore. They do this to honour the connection the original Reid and Blackwood once shared.”

Vivian was about to interject, but Elias was on a roll and cut her off, “This is where the crests come in,” he went on and he saw how the wizard closed her mouth again, apparently curious enough to remain silent. Elias turned around and gestured at the symbol on his back again, talking over his shoulder as he did. 

Explanation 01 by OrionStorm

“Cordelia Carmen and Victoria designed a crest to represent their families. The Reid House was represented by the golden phoenix with the ruby eye, while the Blackwood family was represented by the silver kingfisher with the obsidian eye. They designed their crests in such a way that they can merge together and form a whole, to symbolise the connection between the families. At the same time, each individual crest stands on his own too. As you see, I bear the silver kingfisher of the Blackwoods and you show the golden phoenix of the Reids. It’s a symbol and a sign you see. Call it a kind of identification if you will. It’s how we recognize each other. It’s how I realized you are a Reid. It’s because I recognized the Reid crest.” He gestured at her necklace again.

Explanation 02 by OrionStorm

Vivan felt dazed. His talking always had a way of making her nod off, but he had given her so much information that seemed sort of important that she didn’t know how to process everything. On the one hand she had a lot of questions, but on the other hand she didn’t want to care about this at all. A lot of those questions had to do with how come she hadn’t known about this at all, or if her dad had at all a clue about what this towering guardian was going on about. But at the same time she didn’t care for this information. A very crucial thing had stood out to her and that was the one that worried her most.

“So what are you saying?” she said after a moment’s silence. She sounded apprehensive and defensive. “With this whole looking after business...”

Elias was quiet for a second, his eyebrows furrowing. He seemed to be well aware of the predicament that was manifesting itself. Then, he shrugged lightly. “It can’t be helped,” he said. He swung his arm so his spear was now resting on his shoulder. “It’s not my pick who is a Reid or not, or who or what they are. I have a responsibility to maintain. I have to look after you. From this point on it’s my duty to stick by your side at all times and make sure you are safe whenever danger arises, and that no harm befalls you.”

Oh spirits, he was actually serious! Vivian’s eyes nearly bulged. He was actually saying these words. He even insulted her while he was at it. “Are you kidding me?! I don’t want anything to do with you!” she cried. Her voice was magnified in the large room as it reverberated off the slick walls, causing Teddy to tremble. The tentacle disappeared beneath the water’s surface with a loud splosh. “I don’t want you to look after me! What is this forcing a pact on me with--!”

“It’s not forcing a pact!” Elias retorted, indignant. In an absurd moment, he reminded her of Agnitus when he poofed up his feathers whenever he felt wronged. “It’s an ancient mutual agreement that honours the original bond between our ancestors and ensures the safety of—“

“I don’t care!” Vivian interrupted, lashing out her hand. “I don’t care about this stupid tradition or whatever! I’m not part of this!” The wizard promptly turned on her heel and stormed off. Whatever weird connection she had felt to this man only moments ago, she wanted to sever that immediately.

“Now wait just a moment!” Elias called after her. She heard his combats thud heavily on the floor as he followed her. She picked up her pace. “You can’t just run off like this! Don’t you understand what this means?? You are the first Reid I’ve ever had the chance of meeting! Don’t you realize how important this—!”

“I DON’T CARE!” Vivian hollered, “I don’t need anyone to look after me! Especially not YOU! I can take care of myself! Go to hell with your stupid traditions!”

“They’re not stupid!” the guardian retorted and she could hear the anger rise the volume of his voice. “If you weren’t so damn stubborn then maybe you would--!”

“Oh that’s rich!” Vivian howled, spitting the words across her shoulder. “Coming from the guy who keeps chasing me!” She was almost near the stairs.

“This is the first time I’ve chased—I’m not chasing you!” he correcting himself loudly after a splutter. “I’m simply trying to get you to listen for one measly little--!”

“I said I DON’T CARE!!” the red-head hollered, stomping on the stairs. The metallic clanking of her boots thundered through the Wharf. “Stop following me!! Go tell you stupid stories somewhere else!!”

“FINE!” it boomed from down the stairs. “I can’t believe why I even bothered!! Clearly you are undeserving of its traditions at all if you treat it with such disregard!!”




A frustrated roar from both up and down the stairs and a slamming door signalled the end of the argument.

Well this was unexpected
What brought this on? Go here
Surely it can't end this way! Go here


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Note: This takes place right after the Mosquito Nest Event.

Vivian © Paulagirl93
Elias and art © OrionStorm








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