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NPC - Thyme Redstone-Matthews by OrionStorm
NPC - Thyme Redstone-Matthews
Name: Thyme Redstone-Matthews 
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5'6" (167 cms)/ 132 lbs. (60 kg)
Age: 223 - 18 July 1810 (4th generation wizard)
Wizard Parent: Ceres Redstone (3rd generation wizard)
Other parent: Austin Matthews

Austin Matthews was a mortal who ran a flower and medicinal herb store around the start of the 19th century. He and Ceres happened upon each other and later started a family when Thyme was born. The small family stayed at DulceDomum while raising Thyme.

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Guardian: Eneis Walker



* * *


Name: Seymour
Element: Earth

A very temperamental spirit, Seymour noticed Thyme when she was still quite young. He observed how the child was outside pretty much every day from dawn until dusk, playing and working the gardens, tending to all the flora with love and care. He witnessed how she learned about the different kinds of plants, taking a special interest in unusual ones. As she grew into her teens, Seymour approached Thyme, offering a pact. The latter accepted happily. Seymour's mini-ecosystem on his back adapts to seasons and the area that he's in. Seymour cannot speak and usually makes small velociraptor noises, though Thyme can understand him clearly.

Bullet; Orange  Offense

Thyme can summon plants at her command, mostly strong vines and thorns, used to subdue or strangle the foe.

Bullet; Purple  Defense

Thyme's body adapts to the natural defenses of a plant (nettles, poison ivy, etc.). When she's touched, the foe will get hurt as thought by this plant, but with magnified effects. Thyme adapts to whatever plant she touches.

Bullet; White  Support

When outside in nature, Thyme will always find her way, or will find things when she knows what she wants to find (useful herbs etc.).

* * *


Name: Moyseru
Element: Water

Very playful and energetic, it was these similarities in personality that first drew Moyseru to Thyme. Her zest and enthusiasm are easily mirrored by Moyseru and this pact was perhaps the most ordinarily formed, simply by playing with each other. Moyseru regularly approached Thyme simply to hang out with her and have fun with one another. Over time, they grew attached to one another and the pact was formed. They communicate telepathically.

Bullet; Orange  Offense

Water Drop: Thyme can summon a large vertical veil/shield of water. This veil will ricochet at the foe with great speed, so that upon contact it will feel like hitting the hard water's surface from a several feet drop. The further away the foe is, the more it will hurt.

Bullet; Purple  Defense

Water Sphere: Thyme surrounds herself with a swirling vortex of water. It will appear as though she's in a round sphere of water with rapids swirling around her.

Bullet; White  Support

Look I'm a Submarine: Thyme can breathe underwater up until Moyseru runs out of energy.

* * *


Name: Uymeros
Element: Light

Uymeros is a kind, loyal, caring and protective soul. He appeared in Thyme's life when she had her first child, Basil. He was drawn to and impressed by the love and devotion the family shared with one another. Truly, Uymeros wished to belong to a family and develop his abilities as good as he could, to protect this family. A horse wants to be in a herd after all. He had witnessed how the family defended themselves against a Knight-attack, giving it their all to protect their kid. Wanting to be part of something like this, Uymeros formed a pact with Thyme.

Bullet; Orange  Offense

Light Blast: From the inside out, Thyme seemingly combusts with a blast of hot sunlight, leaving the foe with painful sunburns.

Bullet; Purple  Defense

Invisibility Cloak: The light is bent in such a way that from the angle in which this spell is cast, Thyme can appear invisible. The space in front of her reflects the area around her, to make it appear as if she is not there.

Bullet; White  Support

Go Go Uymeros: At the (so called) speed of light, Thyme can give herself speed boosts, covering several yards in mere seconds.

* * * 


Name: Iki
Element: Wind

Small creatures can do great things is what Iki was determined to prove. Iki was looking for ways to improve herself along with a reliable partner she could trust and care for. She preferably wanted someone experienced. Thyme caught her interest because she had collected three spirits so far, having seen them one day having a training session at the Dulce house. Content about the interaction between wizard and spirits, Iki followed them around for a while to see how they handled themselves during danger. Pleased, the Wind spirit made herself known and made a pact with Thyme, ready to develop her skill.

Bullet; Orange  Offense

Under Pressure: Thyme casts a spell on the foe, entrapping them in an air vortex. Inside the vortex, the air pressure is raised dramatically so the foe will crumble.

Bullet; Purple  Defense

Flit Flit Flit: Strong air currents are pushed from Thyme's centre; the effect is as though large hummingbird wings are going up and down, expulsing air currents from them to keep foes at bay.

Bullet; White  Support

Air Boost: Thyme can propell herself into the air (a very high jump), up about 25 ft. The same ability ensures safe landing.

* * * 


Name: Vure
Element: Fire

Vure has a quiet, serene sort of personality. Doesn't care for complexity, likes to keep things simple, enjoys the home life, which is why they disguised themselves as a teapot. Nothing intricate. They flitted from teashop to herbal store, just sitting there calmly and observing people. They weren't in a hurry at all. It was so they happened upon Thyme and her immense love for tea brewing. Interested, Vure followed her around for while, as always, in no rush. At this point, Thyme already had several children and Vure rather enjoyed the domestic scenery. This is why they approached Thyme for a pact, feeling content to be in her presence and regularly allowed her to serve tea in them. They communicate by puffing words and letters into the air. It's usually small words like 'yes' or 'no.' They're not very talkative, just serene and content.

Bullet; Orange  Offense

The Kettle is Ready: Thyme expluses a vapour of searing hot steam right out of her mouth.

Bullet; Purple  Defense

Sulfur Skunk: Thyme casts a strong sulfurous smell, making the foe retch and disorientated.

Bullet; White  Support

Temperature Regulation: Thyme is able to regulate her body temperature according to the environment should it cause her discomfort. It lasts up until Vure runs out of energy.



Energetic, enthusiastic, kind, caring and eccentric are a few words to describe Thyme. She's joyful most of the time, with a knack of always stating the honest truth, though usually not aware this can come across as being blunt. A bit of a doofus (it seems to run in the family), her head tends to be up in the clouds somewhere. Hence, she has a vivid imagination, which is why strangers might perceive her as weird, while others consider it pleasantly extraordinary. This doesn't take away that she knows what is right and she will fight for the ones she cares about, being fiercely loyal to them. All this joy and enthusiasm is sometimes countered when put in dire situations and she'll explode as a ball of rage (though this applies mostly to life-threatning situations) or when someone/thing important to her is wronged. She has a very motherly nature, wanting to take care of everyone important to her. Her family and friends mean the world to her.


Thyme was born in 1810 to 3rd generation wizard Ceres Redstone and ordinary mortal Austin Matthews, who owned a flower and herb store, which is where her parents met. She was born and raised in DulceDomum along with her (half-)brother Peter. This is also where she met and pacted with her first spirit, the Earth-spirit Seymour. In her late teens, she longed to explore the world and test her independence. So, she left the House and followed in her father's footsteps and opened up a teahouse and herb store. She stayed in one place long enough to avoid suspicion of her not seeming to grow older (or attract Knights), then moved locations, alternating between staying at DulceDomum for a while.

As 1860 rolls around, she meets Eneis Walker, who valiantly intervenes with his patron when a Knight has her backed into an alley. Together, they manage to subdue the Knight and escape. Confused about Thyme's rambling about spirits, first Eneis runs away from what he thinks is a deranged lunatic. However, Thyme finds him again and -more calmly- tells him about spirits and patrons, and wizard and guardian heritage. This marks their starting point and later on they marry and start a pact, resulting in several children thus far. Oldest from 1865, youngest 2030.

Currently, they still alternate between teahouse, DulceDomum and travelling, depending on their wishes or where they are most needed.


- Loves learning about flora.
- Loves to cook and even moreso to stuff people with the food she made.
- Can be mostly found out in the gardens or in the kitchen.
- Prefers wearing cute dresses or skirts, though pants and leggings are acceptable for manuverability.
- Prefers to walk around barefoot to feel a connection with the earth (hence the earth marking on her foot).
- Like her mother, seems to possess a powerful uterus.
- All of their children are named after edible plants, vegetables or fruit.


  • Basil (1865)
  • Rosemary (1868)
  • Pepper (1876)
  • Kale (1881)
  • Terragon (1888) - deceased
  • Ginger (1895)
  • Paprika (1900)
  • Lavender (1904) - deceased
  • Sage (1912) - deceased
  • Rue & Rye (1922)
  • Juniper (1937)
  • Clover (1946)
  • Fern (1951)
  • Olive (1970) - deceased
  • Poppy (1985)
  • Mint (1996) 
  • Sorrel (2030)
Elias Stavrinos-Blackwood by OrionStorm
Elias Stavrinos-Blackwood
Name: Elias Sebastian Stavrinos-Blackwood
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 6'53"/199 cms - 191 lbs/87 kg
Age: 29 March 2005 - 28 years old
Weapon: Spear


Base Element: Water

* * *

:bulletblue: FIRST PATRON

Name: Nathaniel Windsor Chion
Rather similar in personality to his Guardian, aside from a Patron Nathaniel serves as a loyal companion to Elias, offering him his opinion on situations and factoids where he feels it is due, without being particularly pressing towards Elias (most of the time). He is a rather serious character, with a tendency to be philosophical and commenting drily on spectacles from the sidelines. The two regularly engage in long conversation about just about anything. He's not afraid to be rather blunt towards his partner without any sugarcoats. He's one of the few of whom Elias allows blunt criticism. For some reason he has a British accent.

First met in: Canadian mountains

Element: Water
:bulletorange: Clattering Teeth - Offense

a. As the spear makes contact with the foe, an intense burning cold will emit from it, leaving the opponent with painful frostbite. The power courses throughout the entire weapon and can inflict damage through either the blade or the bud at the end - depending on how much damage Elias wants to inflict. When a foe is pierced with the blade, the damage will be greater (resulting in internal damage) than when butted with the blunt end of the weapon (resulting in more superficial damage). At this stage it can only inflict damage, not be lethal. The maximum amount he can do this is 10 times (or said equivalent) before the Patron needs a day's recuperation.

b. The damage of the frostbite intensifies, leaving the target with a nasty burn. The ability is limited to 10 freeze shots a day (or the equivalent). Patron needs a full day's rest. 

c. The frostbite now at maximum power, when the blade of his spear pierces the foe, it freezes them from the inside out, numbing them (or part of them) through the fluids inside their body. This effect can also be applied when throwing the spear at a foe. The damage varies depending on whether they're hit with the blade of the blunt end. The overall effectiveness also depends on the size of the foe. The larger they are, the more difficult the power will affect. He can do this to an opponent 5 times and afterwards, the Patron needs a full day's rest.

:bulletpurple: Ice In Your Face - Defence

By hitting his weapon on the ground, Elias can raise an ice shield that stretches a certain distance from the point of impact. The shield is 3m/10ft tall.

a. The ice shield can cover a length of 3 meters/10ft. He can raise this shield 5 times a day and the Patron needs a 20 hour rest time.

b. The ice shield can cover a length of 6 meters/20ft. He can raise this shield 4 times a day and the Patron needs a 20 hour rest time.

c. The ice shield can cover a length of 10 meters/33ft. He can raise this shield 3 times a day and the Patron needs a 20 hour rest time.

:bulletwhite: Ice Minion - Support

By hitting the butt of his spear on the ground, Elias can create a living Nathaniel ice-sculpture that can serve as a distraction. The sentient sculpture can move around on its own, but it cannot bite or wound the opponent.

a. Elias can create 1 sculpture that can last up to 10 minutes. Patron needs an hour’s rest.

b. Elias can create 1 sculpture that can last up to 30 minutes. Patron needs 3 hours’ rest.

c. Elias can either create 1 sculpture that lasts up to an hour or 2 sculptures that last half an hour each. Patron needs 6 hours’ rest.



Personality: Elias descends from a family of Guardians who have always been very aware of their origins and responsibilities. As such, he is a man with values, principles and values his family's traditions. Though no specific military background, he was raised in similar fashions, where he was taught respect where respect is due and the importance of good manners. As such, he is a traditional person, with the occasional tendency to be a bit pompous and disapproving of behaviour he thinks is improper. He can also be rather melancholy, mulling things over from past decisions. As a principled person, he can get rather opinionated around his fellows. 

Behind this somewhat stiff and proper appearance and postue, once you get past that, he's a rather nice guy, once he likes you enough. Fierceley loyal, once he gets attached to you, you get all the works and a sturdy girder of support. After all, that is what a friend, and a Guardian, does. People whose rank is superior to his are also treated with the upmost respect (if it is just).


Of half-Greek descent, Elias was born in a family of Guardians (Blackwood family, Elias' mother's side), who are very conscious of their responsibilities as Guardians, even having their own family emblem that has existed for eons. At one point in the past, the Guardian family allied itself with a Wizard family, the latter also having a similar emblem from when the unofficial agreement had been set. The agreement included a mutual looking after, where a Guardian is to look after people from the Wizard family and vice versa (even if they previously never met, but recognize each other through the emblem). This is an unofficial pact, different from the true, binding pact between a Wizard and Guardian when they tie their lives together. No one is assigned to a person, everyone looks after everyone, it is merely an agreement of a mutual looking after until the Wizard or Guardian finds a companion for life. Coming from a family which such a long-lasting tradition, Elias takes this very seriously and to heart.

Another important feature in the Blackwood family is the importance of travel, to gather knowledge and experience about the outside and foreign world, which is important for a Guardian, who needs to know how to be versatile. As such, he spent a good while exploring a vast amount of Europe. This travel was also a necessity for his mood and take on life at the time, as he needed time to recover from an rather upsetting incident involving a housefire, which shocked him deeply, and he needed some time to himself. It was during a rather intense solitary hike in Iceland he came upon the cries of an animal in peril. Concerned, he tracked down the noise until he happened upon an injured fox that lay rather perilously on a jutting out rock several yards into the deep of a chasm in front of which Elias stood. Seeing the animal in such despair, Elias -fortunately not new to rock climbing at this point- manufactured a system of ropes that allowed him to descend towards the creature. Once he'd successfully retrieved it and had worked his way up again, the fox complimented him on his resourcefulness, scaring the living daylight out of his saviour as the latter found out the animal could talk. And had antlers.

The fox introduced himself as Nathaniel, a Water Spirit, and admitted to having tailed Elias for a while, up in the mountains, having recognised him as a Guardian. The Spirit was curious about him and wanted to test the Guardian's compassion and resourcefulness. He was rather impressed by Elias' motivation. The latter was less impressed about being set up like this, but was, nevertheless, impressed about finding a Spirit. After all, he had heard and learned about them from his family's experiences. The two decided to travel together for a while, getting used to one another before making a pact. Their mutual understanding and ideas made them get along quickly and when the journey was at an end, the two decided to form a team.

The pair of them journeyed on for a good while longer, until, back on their way home, the duo found themselves in the outskirts of Reno. They happened upon a store, which was a useful find as evening had set in. The place however, seemed off and appeared to be deserted at first glance, in spite of several cars parked outside. It was here Nathaniel warned his partner to be on his guard as an unsettling presence seemed to be near. Heeding his Patron's words, Elias equipped his weapon and examined the mart, for it is, after all, his job to protect. His examination of the area, however, was interrupted as a woman appeared behind him and requested him to leave. Taking Nathaniel's words to heart, Elias figured the unsettling presence he spoke of was not human, therefore he asked the woman to leave as to not get involved an risk injury. This woman, however, was persistent and, again, told him to leave as it was 'a matter of law enforcement code not to let the innocent get involved.' He assumed the woman was a local officer, which still didn't take away the problem and he asked her to leave again, at which point the woman turned rather rude and demanded him to go. Getting irked and distracted, he found himself soon in a hushed argument with the stubborn female. Must unfortunate, as the presence his Patron had warned him about, took off through the window, smashing it as he went, off to the parked cars. Elias gave chase and -much to his disgruntlement- so did the woman, who whipped out a gun and screamed at whatever was getting away.

As Nathaniel had predicted, the person they had followed changed shapes and materialized in its true shadow form in front of them, catching the woman off guard. Elias, supported by his Patron, wasted no time and aimed for the evil Spirit, who decided it rather fled than fought and dissolved shortly thereafter. A bit shaken, but nevertheless rather proud about his level-headed course of action, Elias turned to the woman behind him, he found her to be leaving, appearing rather ticked off as she went and making a face as she looked round. Rather ticked off now himself to recieve no word after what he considered a chivalrous act, he walked away himself, deciding not to bother.

After this incident he headed home, where he recieved a letter from his mother as to how to get to DulceDomum, where he could finally start his practice with his Patron.


:bulletblue: He is afraid of fire, caused by the housefire incident that happened years ago. He prefers not to tell anyone.
:bulletblue: He is very clandestine about what this housefire involved and pretty much doesn't talk about this to anyone.
:bulletblue: He has a little brother back home.
:bulletblue: His culinairy talents are limited to the microwave. And even then.
:bulletblue: His general sense of fashion is military-inspired.
:bulletblue: He also sucks at everything to do with modern technology. He does not like computers. They tend to fizz out if he even approaches one.


:bulletwhite: Leather journal
:bulletwhite: Bean bag chair


Roleplay Paragraph Sample

"Hm," Elias remarked curtly as he lifted a single eyebrow at the blue tiles beneath his leather-brown combat boots. His arms crossed on his back, he looked no less as though he was waiting for the bus to arrive, his posture so straight and dignified as though someone had tied a broomstick to his spine. Draped around his shoulders like an eccentric fur shawl one would rather expect an elderly woman from the 1930's to wear, was the Water Spirit Nathaniel, whose clear eyes also observed the blue panel beneath his Guardian's feet.

"Unusual," he commented with vigor similar to that of his companion. "But ingenious."

The pair of them floated tranquilly towards the other side of the room where, according to the given directions, the quarters of the Water Wizards and Guardians lay. The unusual raft carried them lazily across the water that seperated them from Elias' assigned room, magically supporting the towering male's weight effortlessly somehow, and in no apparent hurry to get its job done.

"Yes," Elias agreed with the horned fox around his shoulders. "I'd say it does add a certain tranquil atmosphere to the area." He stooped over an inch or so to observe the water lapping around the platform's edges. He uttered a short sniff as he looked round to watch the distance they'd travelled so far. "I suspect this mode of transportation challenges the Guardian or Wizard to use the water to configure a faster way of crossing it," he noted, before resuming his earlier, straightened posture and focussed on the way they still had to go. Thankfully, they were close enough for his long legs to reach over and step onto the floor. He looked back at the blue platform as it gently bobbed up and down in the water. A grin flashed on the tan face.

"Well then, Nathaniel," Elias continued as he turned on his heel and made for the doors up ahead, "I daresay the pair of us should get to work as soon as we've unpacked, wouldn't you agree?" A snicker. "I gather the speed of the raft has a similar, motivating effect on you, or am I wrong?"

"Hm," the Patron hummed from his shoulders, remarkably similar in tone to his partner's. "Please. We'll get old crossing water at this speed." He twitched his bushy tail, flicking Elias' nose. "That, or we need to find you a Wizard quickly to slow down the aging process, so you won't turn into a withered old man standing on it."

"Well, it's what we are here for," Elias agreed, his boots clicking sharply across the gleaming floors. He continued his way, following the instructions he'd been given until he arrived in front of a door. This, they had told him, would be his room from now on. He glanced to the side, but failed to see the white face of the Spirit on his shoulders, his point of view preventing him from it. The soft quiver of Nathaniel's tail, however, told him he was attentive. 

"So it starts today, Nathaniel. You up for it?"

The Patron flicked his tail a second time.

"Let's get crackin'."
I got this by OrionStorm
I got this
Red, the colour of desire
Black, the colour of dis bear

It's okay, Elias has everything under control. Clearly.

Paying with: Chili Powder
Wishlist: Eyebright, Drake's Blood, Carnation, Egg, Spirit Token

Elias and art © OrionStorm
I was tagged by :iconslawton: It's been a while since I've been tagged in anything :'D In any case, it'll be nice to have a new journal up front, since the other one's been there for a year already.

I think the game is that I need to randomize my music list and post the first 10 ones. Who knows, someone might discover a new song!

My ten random songs are...
1: Nothing I've Ever Known - Bryan Adams (Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron)
2: Trunks Appears - Dragonball Z OST
3: Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
4: 50 Ways to Say Goodye - Train
5: Ta fête - Stromae
6: Formidable - Stromae
7: Trunks and Goten Spar - Dragonball Z OST
8: Paradise - Coldplay
9: Ruimtevaarder - Kommil Foo
10: Ik Neem Je Mee - Gers Pardoel

I shall tag... anyone who wants to do this thing!
I was tagged by :iconslawton: It's been a while since I've been tagged in anything :'D In any case, it'll be nice to have a new journal up front, since the other one's been there for a year already.

I think the game is that I need to randomize my music list and post the first 10 ones. Who knows, someone might discover a new song!

My ten random songs are...
1: Nothing I've Ever Known - Bryan Adams (Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron)
2: Trunks Appears - Dragonball Z OST
3: Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
4: 50 Ways to Say Goodye - Train
5: Ta fête - Stromae
6: Formidable - Stromae
7: Trunks and Goten Spar - Dragonball Z OST
8: Paradise - Coldplay
9: Ruimtevaarder - Kommil Foo
10: Ik Neem Je Mee - Gers Pardoel

I shall tag... anyone who wants to do this thing!


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